My main research interest revolves around the intersection between machine (deep) learning, computer vision, and cyber-physical systems, applied to a wide range of problems including navigation, positioning, mapping, object detection, or semantic segmentation, among others. Nevertheless, I am also keen to work in diverse interdisciplinary areas including, but not limited to, disaster prevention and management, environmental monitoring, health science, assistive technology, smart cities, intersecting with my main research interest.

In the past, I contributed to Oxford’s NIST-IPSER and ACE-OPS.

Current Research Project
Global Mining Watch

The aim of the project is to perform remote sensing, geo-spatial and socio-environmental analysis of global mining footprints, supporting social impact and risk assessment of mining sites around the world. The project will utilise cutting-edge computer vision and deep-learning approaches, GIS analysis of global data and new approaches to web-based mapping and visualisation of socio-ecological environmental challenges. The project under the ‘Global Mining Watch’ umbrella will be funded from multiple funding bodies, including Google Research Scholar Award, Ford Foundation, and joint initiative between Monash University Indonesia and the University of Queensland.

Funding: Multiple grants from Google Research Scholar Award (PI), Ford Foundation (Co-PI), and UQ-MI Research Collaboration (Co-PI)

Jobs: Multiple positions available for Post-Doc/Research Associate/Research Assistant! (Application closed)

Intelligent Remote Sensing for Sustainable Flood Risk Management and Policy

This research seeks to develop an intelligent remote sensing system that can segment and map the temporal dynamics of flooding on a daily basis using AI-based remote sensing approaches to help assess flood impacts and design more sustainable flood management policies. Our study is situated in Indonesia’s upper Citarum river basin where land use change has led to the occurrence of annual flooding events.

Funding: Monash Indonesia Seed Innovation Grant (PI) and MDFI

Jobs: Multiple positions available for Research Associate/Research Assistant! (Application closed)

Fintech For Social Impact

The project aims to help a fintech institution improve its risk assessment of individuals it might not usually lend to. This project combines expertise in Data Science/Machine Learning, Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction and Economics/Finance.

Funding: Monash Indonesia Seed Innovation Grant, Monash University Australia - Action Lab, and a fintech startup company (Co-PI)

Jobs: Multiple positions available for Research Associate/Research Assistant! (Application closed)

Regulating Sexual VAWs in Metaverse: An Interdisciplinary Diagnosis

The aim of the project is to legitimise the regulation of sexual violence against women in metaverse by providing various use-based justifications, to explore various Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in the context of metaverse which has the potential to fertilise VAWs, and to explore and map aspects that may contribute to the development of an ecosystem of trust in metaverse.

Funding: Meta/Facebook (Co-PI), PI is from Monash Malaysia

Jobs: Multiple positions available for Research Assistant!